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Every part of the language is like a tongue twister to me.
Worse than learning basis Hungarian.
When it comes to local vs foreigner, the local is always in the right.
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� Marquis de Sade.
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When it comes to local vs foreigner, the local is always in the right.
Some practical game types:
1) Humor is different there. You have to be more child-like and slapstick instead of sarcastic or witty. For example, if you are on a date with a girl and eating something hot like kim chi soup, when you are taking your first sip of the soup, you pretend like you burned your tongue way too much and you’re gonna die, obviously overexaggerating.
The stuff you heard about people getting in trouble is exaggerated. There is definitely strong anti-foreign sentiment, but I knew dozens of hunters in Korea, and only one got in any kind of trouble. I mean, especially in a club, who is going to accuse you of something there? You just gotta be smart when it comes to stuff like this.
2/14/18, 6:34 PM CET.
Ruud Lubbers, former Dutch prime minister, dies.
Lubbers was the longest-serving government leader in Dutch history.
2/14/18, 6:29 PM CET.
DUP leader: No prospect of Northern Ireland deal.
The DUP and Sinn Fein have been in discussion since January 2017.
2/14/18, 5:34 PM CET.
Theresa May’s top aide apologizes over porn tweet.
Gavin Barwell responded to a tweet featuring three adult-content videos.
2/14/18, 4:40 PM CET.
Gabriel says sorry for dubbing Schulz �the man with face hair�
Germany’s outgoing foreign minister apologizes after attacking former SPD leader Martin Schulz.
2/14/18, 4:00 PM CET.
Juncker stands by lead candidate system for picking successor.
But Commission chief admits merging his job with Council presidency won’t happen soon.
2/14/18, 3:48 PM CET.
Oettinger says EU countries, not magic tricks, must fill budget gap.
Draft of the long-term budget to be published on on May 2 � three weeks earlier than planned.
2/14/18, 3:46 PM CET.
Hungarian court finds pair not guilty of spying for US and IMF.
Businessmen were accused of handing sensitive information to the Pentagon and International Monetary Fund.
2/14/18, 3:34 PM CET.
US authorities investigating shooting outside NSA.
One person has been wounded.
2/14/18, 3:27 PM CET.
Additions to the EU transparency register (January 31 – February 14)
2/14/18, 1:59 PM CET.
Saakashvili wants to settle in the Netherlands.
The Dutch justice ministry says it will allow ex-Georgian president to stay on the basis of family reunification.
2/14/18, 12:37 PM CET.
Trump lawyer uses his daily radio show to trash Russia probe.
One attorney turns his weekday radio show into an assault on the federal probes into Trump�s Russia connections.

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