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“This is Darcy, how may I help you?”
“I think I have the wrong number. A man named Pierre left me this phone number.”
“Ah yes, Pierre. It’s quite a compliment that he would give you a recommendation. What’s your name?”
“How long have you known Pierre?”
“We only met last night. He left me $1,500 in an envelope on the nightstand,” I said hurriedly, still shocked over the money he had left me.
“Pierre�so classy. This gets more and more intriguing. Are you free today? I’d love to meet you.”
I had a pretty good idea what business Darcy was running and I had to admit I was just as intrigued with Darcy as she seemed to be with me. I took down the address Darcy gave me and agreed to meet her at 2PM. When I entered the coffee shop it was empty except for a woman who could only be in her thirty’s.
“Are you Darcy?” I asked. Her eyes widened and I could tell that she was just as shocked by my appearance.
“You must be Phil. You’re not what I was expecting at all but that’s not a bad thing,” she said with a smile, gesturing for me to take the seat in front of her.
“You seem awfully young to be a Madam,” I blurted out and Darcy cracked up laughing.
“Madam is such an antiquated term. It’s not like I have a fleet of courtesans running around the city. I prefer to think of myself as an agent. Are you gay or bi?”
“Good. My female clientele prefer their men to look like male models.”
“Are you saying I don’t look like a model?” I said with a coy smile.
“Ohh, a personality to match your looks. I can definitely work with that. Would you be interested in making more money than you’ve ever made in your life?”
“Who wouldn’t be interested in that, seriously?”
“Going into business selling yourself isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. How about we arrange a try-out of sorts. I’ll start you off with a easy client and we’ll see where we go from there. The only thing we’ll need to change is your clothes. Under all those baggy clothes I can tell you have quite the body on you.”
“I used to be an athlete.”
“Stamina too I hope? I have a feeling this might just work out. You just need to get some body conscious clothes to show yourself off for maximum effect.” Darcy reached forward and lifted the edge of the sleeve of my shirt, taking a closer look at my tattoos. I was sure that my ink was going to be a deal breaker.
“Nice ink. Don’t look so worried. Sometimes clients are looking for a bit of novelty and you definitely meet that description. How about we meet again in a few days after you’ve bought some new clothes and I’ll walk you through the logistics.”
I did exactly that with the money Pierre had left me and this time met Darcy at a high rise apartment building in the swankiest part of town. Darcy opened the door and looked me over from head to toe. She twirled her finger and I turned around in a circle.
“Your ass, Jesus Christ. Why you’ve been hiding that under baggy clothes is insane. Come on in. Would you like a drink?”
“I’m straight edge. I don’t drink alcohol�or do drugs.”
“That’s a lifestyle choice I don’t come across too often. I don’t employ alcoholics or drug addicts�too much of a liability, showing up for a date blitzed out of your mind. How about we go through the rules. I will act as your agent, meaning I take 35% off the top.”
“That sounds like a lot.”
“It’s the standard commission. You won’t be getting envelopes bursting with hundreds but it’s still better money than you’d ever make at a normal job. I vet all your clients first to make sure they’re capable of paying the fee, that they’re the right clients for you, and most of all, that they’re not raving psychos. Let’s go through your�capabilities. Top or bottom?”
“What is your usual sex life like?”
“Pretty normal I guess, though I do like it a little rough to be honest.”
“That’s a good selling point. Let’s go through the kinks. Bondage?”
“Light bondage is okay,” I said hesitantly, thinking that a real prostitute wouldn’t say no to anything.
“That’s fine, really; I have employees that do that sort of thing exclusively.”
“I’m really up for most everything except the really extreme things like getting pissed on or stuff like that.”
“I don’t really deal in that sort of thing. I leave that for other agents to deal with. I book out calls exclusively. That’s when you meet them at some pre-determined place, usually a hotel. I’ve already set up your first date. His name is Erik and he’s a long term client. He enjoys sampling the new guys before anybody else does. His preferences aren’t anything out of the ordinary. You’ll meet him at the Waldorf Astoria at 7 tonight. Nervous?”
“A little. One recommendation doesn’t exactly assure that I’m�talented.”
“We’ll know before the end of the night won’t we? I’ll call you after I speak to Erik.”
I nodded and left for home. I took a shower and shaved; my legs and chest as well. I had gotten into the habit of doing it when I wrestled and thought it showed off my body to it’s best effect. I entered the lobby of the hotel, walking past reception coolly as if I had every right to be there. I rode the elevator up to the prearranged room and knocked. The man who opened the door was tall, blonde and very attractive. I thanked Darcy silently for booking my first outing with someone this good looking. I knew, more than likely, that most of my clients would not be. Erik looked me up and down, opening the door wide and stepping aside so that I could enter. I turned to face Erik as the door closed behind us. Without speaking a word Erik stepped close to me and ran his hands down my bare arms from the edge of my short sleeve shirt to my wrists. Erik moved his hands down to the edge of my shirt, lifting it over my head. Erik just stared at my brightly colored bared chest for a minute. I could see the rejection coming from a mile away. I reached out to grab my shirt off the bed where Erik had tossed it but Erik reached out to still my hand.

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If you wanted to have fun in Singapore and enjoy most of the �Lion City� then Singapore�s nightlife is the best thing you shouldn�t miss ones you are in the city. If you would just stroll around the city�s premises you would surely find a lot of high-end nightclubs and bars that you�ll surely love.
Nightclubs in Singapore.
If you are able to visit Singapore a couple of months or years ago and you�ve decided to try the same nightclub you�ve been before then you have to make sure you�d check if that nightclub is still open or not because as Singapore being a very fast paced city, nightclubs in the premises do also come and go.
Nightclubs here in Singapore are surely one of the best you can find in Asia where you can find a sophisticated and very classy clubbing experience and here are five of my favorite nightclubs in Singapore where you won�t just have fun partying all night long but also a good place to find a number of Singapore hookers.
I guess Zouk Club is one of the oldest in Singapore that has been running for eighteen long years already. The club is located at Singapore Riverside and the place has already earned a legendary status not just because of its age but also with the numerous zones and rooms you can find inside the Zouk Club which every party goers love so much.
Zouk Club, by the way, have an entrance fee of $S20 where you can already have a free drink and every Wednesdays, Zouk Club has their free drinks for the ladies. The club is only open during Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 21:00 up to 4:00 and as being one of the best clubs in the city, it is also inevitable to find a lot of Singapore hookers in here.
This one is actually an underground club from the music they have every night and also with the club�s location as well which is a former bank vault that can be found in the basement of Keck Seng Tower which made the clubbing experience in Club Kyo a much more exciting one.
What I liked in this club is that they have plenty of room for you to sit so you would also have some time to relax after standing and dancing for a couple of hours. Just like with Zouk Club, Club Kyo is only open during Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 until 3:00 and when it comes to their entrance fee, they charge from $S20 to $S25 depending on the night.
Are familiar with Home Club or have visited it before? Well, Home Club was been closed already but glad to let you know that it has been replaced with a new party destination which is now the Canvas Nightclub that can be found at Clarke Quay and opens every day from 15:00 up to 3:00.
During daytime, you would find an art gallery inside Canvas Nightclub but as the sun goes down, you would eventually feel the underground feeling this club can give. Although Canvas is just new in the industry, it already made a good vibrant to party goers and if you wanted to look for some Singapore hookers in this club, you would also find a number of them here.
Trace Lounge is also located at Clarke Quay hence it is a great choice if you�d like to hop from one club to the other. If you the person who�s into hip hop and EBM then Trace Lounge is a must visit for you especially with their lighting effects and sound system that are indeed perfect for an exciting night at Singapore.
They are also open three night in a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) which is pretty common in most of the clubs in Singapore. Opening hours of Trace Lounge are from 22:00 up to 3:00 during Wednesday but they extend until 4:00 every Friday and Saturday.
Well, this Singapore Nightclub the third nightclub that I really like in Clarke Quay and what people really look forward to this one is that it is operational seven days a week hence you can surely visit Attica any day of the week.
Attica is also known for the best DJs in town such as Paul Oakenfold and much more. This club is one of the largest one in Singapore but with all the party goers in here, you would still bump into each other ones you are in the dancefloor. They also have an entrance fee of $S30 but with this price, you can already have two drinks for the night.
Other Nightlife Scenes in Singapore:
After running for about seven years today, Marina Bay Sands was really able to be a great focal point in the city where you can definitely chill out and relax after a very tiring day from strolling around Singapore’s premises.
Marina Bay Sands doesn�t just have a vibrant aura but it also has a number of clubs and bars and one of those is Club Kyo that is listed above. CE LA VI, 1-Altitude and many more party scenes in Singapore are also located here in Marina Bay Sands thus you would surely have fun ones you try this area in Singapore.
They also have some shopping malls in here where you can buy almost everything that you�ve been looking for. Esplanade is also a great place that you can find in Marina Bay Sands which is a Concert Hall and multi-purpose art center where you�ll see a fantastic and amazing array of shows at the bay area in Singapore.
Geylang Road Singapore.
If you are looking for a place in Singapore where you can find numerous Singapore hookers and Geylang girls then you should give Geylang Road a visit. Here in Geylang Road, you would find hundreds or even thousands of Singapore hookers, Geylang girls, and massage ladies.

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�Sex work is so profitable for her that she can afford a large apartment in the centre of the city. It�s a world away from what I saw on the streets.�
On the other side of the world, Stacey uncovered another side of the sex industry. Sunshine and carnivals might represent the Brazil that many people recognise, but there�s a darker side to this country.
Around a million transgender people live in Brazil, many of them facing such ingrained prejudice that they struggle to find a job and resort to making a living selling sex.
Stacey meets Aninya, formerly Phillipe, a 21-year-old transgender sex worker from Rio. �She does this work to support her mother,� says Stacey. �Her main clients were married, straight men, who told their wives they were doing overtime.�
Clutching her pet chihuahua in her modest apartment, Aninya shows Stacey the special trikinis she wears for work.
Designed to hide her penis by tucking it in a pouch between her legs, they make her appear completely feminine.
�She regularly has eight clients a day, and customers fly in from the UK�, says Stacey. Others talk to her about the discrimination and dangers they face finding customers on the streets, setting out in the dead of night to earn a living with the very real fear that they may not make it home.
Violence against gay and transgender sex workers in Brazil is endemic. The country has the highest murder rate of trans women in the world and they have a life expectancy of just 30.
Stacey meets a fragile trans samba dancer called Barbara, who turns tricks on the streets to pay household bills and a woman working in Rio�s notorious red light area who rents a tiny room with a single bed (£1.80 for 20 minutes) where she has sex with up to 20 men a night.
�What I realised was that while a lot of the trans sex workers liked to glam up and entertain, beneath the performance the reality is they are desperate and scared.�
Brazil also has a huge market for so-called high-class escorts, who can earn £6,000 a month � which is more than a judge.
Stacey visits an upmarket hotel for sex workers � �essentially a posh brothel,� she says � and finds that attitudes to sex and women in Brazil can be much less progressive than people imagine.
Oscar rents out hotel rooms by the hour and boasts of sexual conquests with the women that work there.
�He was late to meet me because he was having a threesome� says Stacey. �His views on sex were very liberal, but he hadn�t considered the psychological damage on the women working in his hotel.�
In the documentary, Oscar tells Stacey: �Prostitution is like any profession, not every doctor likes being a doctor, not every cleaner likes being a cleaner. Not everyone loves their job.�
If Stacey has taken anything from her investigations, it�s that selling sex is rarely a choice, and comes with a price.
�So many of these women are attracted to sex work because of the money but it�s like dancing with the devil � all this comes at a price,� she says. �Some of them struggle psychologically, living a double life and juggling health and medical concerns with daily life.
�It�s a question of whether you can deal with that and, honestly, I don�t think I could.�
Stacey Dooley: Sex in Strange Places, is on BBC3 on Tuesday nights.
Prostitutes and Hookers in Bangkok.
Bangkok is as popular for its prostitutes as it is for shopping, sights and eating out. In fact, hookers in Bangkok are a major tourist attraction and reason alone why many bachelors head for Thailand. There are in the region of 10,000 Thai prostitutes in Bangkok open to the foreign tourist trade � many times this number in the local market.
Hookers in Bangkok are known as bar girls and go go girls that are best picked up in bars in dedicated red light districts. They are easily found, freely available and well priced compared with Europe or the US. Prostitution, though illegal here, is all very laidback; you simply hit one of the bars, have a beer and ask how much.
Thai girls are sexy by default and many of them speak some English in this line of work. They are also easygoing, for the most part, and like to have fun. As well as the bars and go gos, Bangkok prostitutes can also be had on the street as freelancers as well as escort agencies. Prices go from 1,000 baht for short-time (an hour or two of sex) from a beer bar, 2,000 short-time for go go girls, and up to 15,000 baht or more for an all night escort girl.
Patpong is the original red light district and is a big tourist attraction. It�s best known for its sex shows and go go bars and resides just off Silom Road within a market setting. Although some of the girls and bars here are really smart, it�s all a bit touristy and pricey.
Nana Plaza is the best area for Bangkok prostitutes today. It resides near the head of Sukhumvit Soi 4, near Nana BTS Station and not far from Siam Square. This area is set right off the road in an arcade setting with three floors of wall to wall bars and go gos. There are also casual beer bars and ladyboy bars here.
Soi Cowboy is the most relaxed of the three main red light districts in Bangkok. It is further down Sukhumvit from Nana Plaza, lying between Sois 21 and 23, and features around 40 bars. This pedestrianised street isn�t so touristy either and some of the go go bars have fully naked girls on stage. Get here via Asoke BTS Station.

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